Psychological Evaluation

Typically, such requests for psychological evaluation are made to examine anxiety, depression, reasoning, and motivation to assist in understanding current emotional functioning, to what extent do symptoms pre-date the injury, to what extent are symptoms exaggerated or enhanced consciously or unconsciously, to assist in managing narcotic medication regimen, and to make recommendations insofar as psychological and/or psychiatric treatment (counseling and/or medication).

The psychological evaluation differs from a psychiatric evaluation in that, in addition to a diagnostic interview, specific objective tests of emotional functioning, personality, cognition, and motivation are administered.

This group of tests represents a comprehensive battery designed to identify the issue of emotional status and psychiatric diagnosis (and what part of his difficulties are pre-existing), address the issue of prognosis and MMI, describe motivation with regards to the possibility of conscious or unconscious exaggeration of symptoms or malingering, and examine cognitive issues which may result in impairments in reasoning and judgment.